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Tree Trimming Frequently Asked Questions

We trim and remove trees along our distribution lines at least every four years, and on our transmission lines every three years. We trim about 1,200 miles of our distribution system every year.

We'll send a postcard or leave a note on your door with dates several weeks before we start trimming trees.

We only hire professional, licensed tree-service contractors who are specially trained to preserve tree health and follow American National Standards Institute and International Society of Arboriculture pruning guidelines.

We trim or remove only trees and plants within proximity to the power conductors. This means trees and limbs growing within specific distance from our overhead distribution lines and transmission systems. After scheduled maintenance trimming, we will clean up debris by chipping or mulching trees and branches at the site, and then removing it.

The trained and professional tree crews will prune the tree using proper arboricultural techniques to establish a safe space between the energized power conductors and the tree. If a tree on your property is unhealthy, we will ask your or the municipalities' permission to remove it.

Our specification is 15-20 feet above, 10-15 feet to either side, and 10-15 feet below our wires or equipment.

Trees growing directly under the power lines may appear U- or V-shaped. Trees growing alongside power lines may appear L-shaped, or one side may be completely removed (side pruning). The tree may appear misshapen; however, it must be pruned to safely clear the wires. In general, tall trees growing near power lines will never have the potential to grow with a natural shape. 

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