Shop for Energy Suppliers

Just as you choose your cell phone provider or your bank, you can choose an energy supplier that’s right for you. No matter what company you choose to get your energy from, we will continue to deliver that energy, read your meter, handle service calls, and provide emergency assistance.

What is an energy supplier?
Energy suppliers provide electricity and/or natural gas to residential and business customers in New York and New Jersey. You can take charge of your energy bills by choosing from an array of energy suppliers. Some also offer energy supply from alternative sources like wind or solar. Remember, when you choose an energy supplier, we will still deliver the electricity and/or natural gas to you.

What are the benefits of choosing an energy supplier?

  • It’s your choice. Find the best energy supplier for you.
  • Flexibility. Enjoy the freedom of being able to choose your own energy supplier.
  • Billing convenience. In most cases, you can receive a single bill from us showing both your energy supply and delivery charges on one statement.
  • Special offers. Some energy suppliers may offer a fixed price or promotional discounts.
  • Alternative energy. Some offers include wind, solar, hydroelectric, biomass, and other environmentally friendly power sources.
  • Who is eligible?
    All customers are eligible. We can help you choose an energy supplier whether you’re a residential or business customer.