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Energy Saving Landscaping

Save energy by planting trees and shrubs in your own yard.

Proper landscaping can help reduce energy costs by providing shelter from the wind and sun.

Some trees and shrubs are best suited for shading when planted in certain areas, while others work well to create natural windbreaks during strong winter winds. They should be selected and planted with care in appropriate locations so you can gain the full benefit of energy savings.

Just as important, there are places where the planting of trees must be avoided to reduce the possibility of contact with power lines and possible disruption of service for you and your neighbors. In fact, tree contact is the single leading cause of electric service interruptions to our customers. That's why we do everything we can to strike a healthy balance between our appreciation for trees and our obligation to provide safe, reliable electric service.

Use the guides below when selecting and planting greenery to help you save energy and money while minimizing disruptions to your electric service.