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How to Read Your Bill

Whether you buy your energy from an energy service company or from Orange & Rockland, you’ll get your charges on one itemized bill. The three main components of your gas and electric costs are supplydelivery, and taxes.


We buy the energy you use in the competitive, wholesale supply market. We pass our costs on to you, without making a profit—what we pay, you pay. Unlike the other parts of your bill, energy supply costs vary and are affected by factors such as the weather, demand, and market trends.

If you purchase energy from an Energy Service Company, you’ll see your cost savings in the unregulated supply portion of your bill.


Delivery rates are set by state regulatory agencies and aren’t subject to market changes. This revenue lets us maintain and upgrade our electric and gas distribution systems and keep our service safe and reliable.


Local, state, and federal taxes are applied to both the supply and delivery portions of your energy bill

Sample Bills

New York

New Jersey