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Sample Bill – New Jersey

If you are a New Jersey customer, this is what your bill will look like.
NJ Sample Bill - page 1
  • 1. Account Information

    Your key details, including your account number, are in one place for easy reference. We also show your next meter reading date so you can avoid estimated bills.

  • 2. Billing Summary

    This is a snapshot of your bill, including payments made; new, unpaid, or late payment charges; the number of days in your billing period; and the total balance due.

  • 3. Message Center

    Offers, messages any bill adjustments or corrections, and other service notices appear here and may continue on the next page.

  • 4. Monthly Usage Graphs

    Your total energy use by month. This lets you see how your usage shifts with the seasons.

  • 5. Payment Slip

    This should be returned with your check or money order payment. Want to make future payments automatically? Check the box to easily enroll in Auto Pay starting with your next bill.

NJ Sample Bill - page 2
  • 6. Service Charge Details

    Information about your billing period, rate, meter readings, the total electricity used, and the rate and amount of state and locality sales tax, if applicable.

    Supply charges include related taxes, surcharges, and information about your energy service company, if applicable.

    Delivery charges include charges for reading and maintaining meters, and related taxes and surcharges.

  • 7. Bill Definitions

    A quick guide to the words used in your energy bill.

  • 8. Contact Us

    Here’s how to reach us if you have a question or concern, or if you need to report a service problem or outage.

  • 9. Ways to Pay Your Bill

    Choose the most convenient way to pay your bill.