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Rockland Electric Company Proposes 11 Energy Efficiency Programs to Help Customers Save Energy and Money, and Avoid Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Rockland Electric Company has filed with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) a combined portfolio of 11 energy efficiency programs designed to achieve energy savings totaling 56,825 MWh, avoid 280,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and provide savings over the project’s lifetime of $70 million to customers.


The total cost of the proposal is estimated at approximately $55 million and yields approximately $93 million in avoided energy and environmental costs. Specifically, for every dollar invested in energy efficiency almost two dollars of energy and environmental benefits are realized. Rockland Electric Company proposes to recover the proposal costs from its customers over a 10-year period in order to reduce customer bill impacts.


Based upon the company’s proposal, the monthly bill impact for a typical residential customer with an average annualized monthly usage of 925 kWh would be $1.31. That raises the typical residential customer’s monthly bill from $187.71 to $189.02, or less than one percent in the first year. However, residential customer participating in these energy efficiency programs will not realize a bill increase but rather a bill decrease.


Rockland Electric Company, along with New Jersey’s other public utilities, developed the filings to achieve energy reduction targets set forth by the NJBPU.


Here are details about some of the larger programs in the proposal:


  • C&I Direct Install Program
    This program is focused on the installation of efficiency measures for businesses, non-profit organizations, municipalities, schools, and faith-based organizations (eligible customers) that typically lack the time, knowledge, or financial resources necessary to investigate and pursue energy efficiency projects. The direct install program is designed to provide eligible customers with a turnkey, streamlined customer experience and an easy investment decision.

  • C&I Prescriptive and Custom Rebate Program
    This program will promote the installation of high-efficiency electric equipment by Commercial and Industrial customers through prescriptive and custom rebates.

  • Residential Efficient Products Program
    This program promotes the installation of ENERGY STAR and other high-efficiency residential electric equipment through a variety of channels, including Rockland Electric’s online marketplace, direct rebates to customers, both online and in-store, and reduced point-of-sales purchase costs. The program will provide incentives for energy efficient appliances, electronics, heating and cooling equipment, thermostats, and other energy efficient products.

  • Whole Home Program
    This program will provide a comprehensive approach for residential customers to explore and invest in the efficiency and comfort of their homes and includes a free Home Energy Assessment. All participants in this program must have an initial energy assessment performed directly by a qualified contractor when quick energy efficiency measures may be installed. The energy assessment will develop an energy efficiency action-plan that includes recommendations for more complex upgrades and available incentives. To ensure the upgrades are accessible to all customers, low-interest financing is available.

  • Income Qualified Program
    The Income-Qualified Program will offer the same comprehensive approach as the Whole Home Program to low- and moderate-income customers at no cost to ensure that all customers have the ability to participate in energy efficiency programs.

  • Peak Demand Reduction Program
    This program is designed to encourage customers to make temporary reductions in their electricity usage during peak demand periods from May through September. These periods, which can last several hours, typically occur during the hottest days of the year when the electric grid is constrained by the high demand for energy.

  • Building Decarbonization Program
    The Building Decarbonization (BD) Program is designed to promote the installation of clean heat pump and electrification technologies by residential, multi-family and Commercial & Industrial customers. The BD program will offer a range of measures and incentives which will cover the following equipment end-uses: space heating and cooling, water heating, cooking, laundry and outdoor lawncare.


Follow this link: Rebates & Incentives for New Jersey Customers ( for more information about energy savings programs offered by Rockland Electric Company.


About Rockland Electric Company

Rockland Electric Company is a regulated electric utility that serves approximately 75,000 customers in parts of Bergen, Passaic, and Sussex counties in New Jersey. Rockland Electric is a wholly owned subsidiary of Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc., which in turn is owned by Consolidated Edison, Inc.