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¿Sabía que? Puede reducir su consumo eléctrico y sus costos en hasta un 30 por ciento si reemplaza sus electrodomésticos antiguos con modelos más recientes y energéticamente eficientes. Incluso le daremos reembolsos cuando compre electrodomésticos elegibles de alta eficiencia.

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Soft White, Warm White Neutral White, Cool White Daylight
Similar to traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs.
Ideal for most indoor spaces.
Good for kitchens and work spaces. Think blue sky at noon. Perfect for reading.


90% of the electricity used by standard bulbs produces heat, while only 10% produces light. LEDs keep their cool and utilize electricity for light output (lumens) exclusively. They provide the same level of brightness as standard bulbs while consuming far less energy (watts).

Plus, since LEDs stay cool to the touch, they're an excellent choice for homes with children or pets.

Standard Bulb Wattage

LED Lumens

LED Wattage

40 450 6-9
60 800 8-12.5
75 1,100 13-15
100 1,600 16-20
150 2,600 25-28


LED bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can also find certified bulbs that are dimmable to set the mood in any room.

Bulb Types

Standard Globe   MR16    Candle  Spot    Flood  
Table or Floor Lamps X      
Pendant Fixtures X X X X  
Ceiling Fixtures X   X  
Ceiling Fans X   X  
Wall Sconces X X   X    
Recessed Cans     X   X X
Accent Lighting     X   X  

We're offering discounts on ENERGY STAR-certified LED bulbs now through participating retailers*

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