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Filing a Claim for Damages or Losses

For information on the claim process for New York and New Jersey customers, and answers to your questions, please view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Claim Procedure and General Information

O&R and Rockland Electric Company are committed to evaluating all claims presented fairly. Once the Claims Department receives the completed claim form and proofs of loss, it is our goal to investigate and render a decision on your claim in a timely fashion. More complex claims may take longer, but you will be advised accordingly.

You may choose to file a claim with your insurance company to reimburse you for your loss (less your deductible). Your insurer may then choose to present a claim to us to recover compensation paid to you. Please note, if you decide to go through your own insurance carrier and are reimbursed by your carrier, you cannot also seek reimbursement from O&R / Rockland Electric Company.

Limitations of Liability

O&R and Rockland Electric Company, like all other utilities, cannot guarantee continuity of service. This is outlined in our New York Tariffs for Electric Service (Section 10), Gas Service (Section 8), and New Jersey Tariff for Electric Service (Section 13). These Tariffs are filed with and approved by the States of New York and New Jersey. Therefore, O&R and Rockland Electric Company will not honor claims caused by certain occurrences that are beyond our control.

Some common claims excluded from our tariffs are:

  • Weather-related conditions (e.g. ice, wind, lightning) and animal contacts (e.g. squirrels & birds)
  • Equipment failure
  • Damage to O&R / Rockland Electric Company equipment by others
  • Accidents
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How to file a claim

You must complete a claim form and return it along with your proofs of loss (i.e. photos, invoices, repair bills, estimates).

The completed claim form and proofs of loss can be submitted to the company via:

  • email:
  • Fax: 1-914-925-9250
  • Mail: Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc, Claims Department, PO Box 1008, Spring Valley, NY 10977
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