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Receive Instant Lighting Incentives

Limited time offer, get an extra 25% rebate through 12/15/2022.  Funds are limited so act fast and contact a Participating Distributor.
Today's advanced lighting technologies, sensors and controls offer a significant opportunity for businesses to reduce energy and increase cost savings. By simply switching to LED products, you can help reduce lighting-related energy costs by up to 90%*.


Take advantage of O&R's interior and exterior Instant Lighting Incentive Program (ILIP) to:

  • maximize your savings on more efficient lighting,
  • lower your energy costs, and
  • improve the bottom line.

For business customers, all you have to do is purchase qualifying ENERGY STAR® and DesignLights Consortium LEDs from one of our participating distributors. Products are discounted instantly, with no additional rebate forms or applications to fill out.

See a list of financial incentives available for your business.

Why Choose LEDs?

LEDs improve light quality at work and at home while using far less energy. Plus, energy-efficient lighting:

  • reduces energy costs,
  • lowers maintenance time and costs,
  • lasts more than 50 times that of traditional bulbs, and
  • improves productivity and mood

Popular Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

Interior Lighting

  • LED High-Bay Fixtures and/or Retrofit Kit
  • LED Replacement Lamps (Tubes)

Exterior Fixtures

  • ENERGY STAR® Hard-Wired CFL Fixture: Outdoor Omni- or Uni-Directional Wall/Ceiling/Ground/Pole Mount, Recessed Downlights - Including Retrofit Modules
  • ENERGY STAR® Integral LED Fixture: Outdoor Recessed Downlight and Retrofit Module
  • LED Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures
  • LED Parking Garage and Canopy Fixtures and Retrofit Kits
  • LED Pole/Arm-Mounted Parking and Roadway Fixtures and Retrofit Kits
  • LED Wall-Mount Fixtures and Retrofit Kits


Category Instant Discount Limited Time Bonus
Instant Discount
LED Tubes Up to $8 Up to $10
Lamps Up to $10 Up to $10
Troffers Up to $25 Up to $31.25 
Downlight Up to $15 Up to $18.75
Exterior Up to $120 Up to $150
Interior High-Intensity Discharge Up to $150 Up to $187.50
Reflector Lamps Up to $18 Up to $22.50


Color and Appearance

LEDs are available in a wide range of colors to suit any space or task. Light color is measured on the Kelvin (K) scale — a lower K means warmer light, while a higher K means cooler light.

Two-Step Savings with Instant Lighting Incentives

  1. Simply contact a participating distributor to take advantage of O&R's Instant Lighting Incentive Program.
  2. Choose energy-efficient LED lighting for your business and save instantly at checkout – no paper application required!
Interested in becoming an O&R participating distributor? Contact us for more details.