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HVAC plans

Commercial & Industrial Custom Rebate Program

Our commercial custom energy efficiency program can reduce the energy use of your business, lower your energy bill, and can even help save on maintenance costs.

The Custom rebates are designed to offer you rebates for cost-effective measures or projects that aren't covered by the Prescriptive Rebate Program.

See if You're Eligible

You're eligible to participate in this program if:

  • You're a New Jersey commercial or industrial customer who has an active electric account with Rockland Electric Company and an active gas account with PSEG or Elizabethtown if submitting a gas saving measure.
  • You're installing energy-efficient electric and/or gas measures in an existing facility. All new construction measures will be applied for through the New Jersey Clean Energy Program.

All custom projects require pre-approval, engineering analyses demonstrating savings, and a pre-inspection to determine eligibility.

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Custom Measure Incentives




Incentives are calculated based on the lesser of two factors:

  • 50% of project cost
  • $0.16/kWh saved in the first year

Incentives are calculated based on the lesser of three factors:

  • First year Savings: $1.60 / therm
  • 50% of Project Incremental Cost
  • Buydown to 1 year payback
 Any equipment that is proven to save electricity or gas with an engineering analysis.
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Custom LED Lighting Retrofit Projects: 



Custom LED Project

$0.16 per kWh saved and capped at 25% of the total project cost with at least a one year payback. 
Ineligible Measures
  1. LED screw-in/plug-in bulb incentives are available for replacement of, CFL, incandescent or halogen bulbs only. When replacing HID bulbs, LED screw-in or plug-in bulbs are not eligible for incentives.
    Exemptions: Pin-based CFL to DLC qualified pin-based LEDs and HID to Mogul-based LED lamps
  2. Incentives will not be provided for the installation of screw-in or plug-in lighting measures in non-permanent and non-hardwired fixtures. For example, screw-in or plug-in lamps installed in refrigerator, oven, floor or desk lamps are not eligible for incentives.
  3. Lighting measures installed for use as retail display lighting do not qualify for incentives.
  4. Additional fixture or lamp installations which are not a direct, one-for-one replacement are not eligible for incentives.
Existing Facility Fill out the Commercial and Industrial Custom Lighting Tool (XLS) for Rockland Electric Company.
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Apply Now

Submit your rebate application for electric or gas:

Commercial Custom Applications
Commercial Custom Project

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Important Resources



Letter of Authorization

All rebates are payable to Rockland Electric Company's customer of record on the account unless a signed letter of authorization is submitted by the customer permitting another company to collect the rebate.

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