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Electric Vehicle Make-Ready Program

The goal of New York's Electric Vehicle (“EV”) Make-Ready Program (“EV Make-Ready Program”) is to support the development of electric infrastructure and equipment necessary to accommodate an increased deployment of EVs within New York State by reducing the upfront costs of building charging stations for light-duty EVs.

Through this EV Make-Ready Program, entities seeking to install or participate in the installation of Level 2 (“L2”) and/or Direct Current Fast Charging (“DCFC”) chargers can earn incentives that will offset a large portion of, or in some cases, all of the infrastructure costs associated with preparing a site for EV charger installation.

The resources below will help guide you through the Make-Ready Program. Check back regularly for updates to this table.

 NY Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Make-Ready Program


Participant Guide (PDF) Important details of the EV Make-Ready Program such as eligibility criteria, enrollment process, and post-enrollment requirements.
Implementation Plan (PDF) A Make-Ready Program overview including eligibility criteria as well as O&R’s Implementation Plan including outreach and education, the fleet assessment service, implementation timelines, and program costs. 
Application (PDF) NY Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Make-Ready Program application.
Approved Contractors Entities wishing to install electric vehicle chargers under the EV Make-Ready Program must do so using one of the Approved Contractors in their service territory listed on this site. If you are seeking to become an Approved Contractor, please fill out the application through this site.
Disadvantaged Community
Incentives of up to 100 percent of make-ready infrastructure costs may be available for EV charging sites located within one mile of Disadvantaged Community Areas.

Other Programs & Services


NY Medium- and Heavy-Duty
Make-Ready Pilot Program
Implementation Plan (PDF)

A Pilot Program overview including eligibility criteria, outreach and education plans, programs cost and goals.

EV Make-Ready Fleet
Assessment Services
If you are an owner or operator of a vehicle fleet registered in New York State and you are considering converting your fleet to plug-in electric vehicles, you are eligible to apply through this website for assistance from your utility service provider to help prepare your fleet for electric vehicle charging.

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