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electric vehicle by charging station

How to Charge Your Electric Vehicle

If your vehicle is capable of charging at 110 volts, you will be able to plug your vehicle into any standard outlet for charging while away from home (assuming you can get permission to plug your vehicle from the outlet owner). To use a public charger, you will need to create an account with a charging network provider either online or by downloading their mobile app. Be sure to choose a network provider that best fits your driving needs. When making your decision, you should consider your daily commute route, places you go during the weekends, and any extended road trips.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles have gasoline engines, so you can always buy gasoline as you ordinarily do to extend the range of your vehicle.

For Tesla owners – you have the option to use a public Tesla charging station. Be sure to look up any nearby chargers using Tesla’s charging station map. Tesla drivers also have the option to use other charging network providers’ chargers with a Tesla plug adapter. You will need to create an account with a network provider.