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New Jersey Charger Ready for Home

EV drivers may qualify for financial incentives towards the costs of electrical upgrades for a new EV charger installed at their residence.

Charger Ready makes it more affordable for Rockland Electric Company customers to install Level 2 EV chargers at their home by offsetting the costs of EV charging infrastructure.

The program offers incentives to offset the cost of the infrastructure needed to operate an EV charger. Rockland Electric has incentives for 1,448 EV owners on a first come, first serve basis.

Incentives are separated into two categories: customer-sided and utility-sided.

  • Customer-Sided expenses include material and labor costs for an electrician or contractor to perform necessary upgrades to customer assets and may include service panels, junction boxes, conduit, and wiring. Customers are responsible for the cost of the Level 2 EV charging unit itself.
  • If the existing service cannot handle the additional load and the electric panel or meter needs to be upgraded, there will be a utility cost to upgrade the service.

Cost will be dependent on what is required to upgrade the service such as:

  • Transformer Upgrade (customer pays for installation cost)
  • If service is above 200 Amps, metering equipment is required to be within 150 feet of transformer. If the existing transformer feeding the property is too far away, we may require the primary electric wires to be extended to a closer location to feed a new transformer (there would be cost to extend the primary wires, install a new pole if necessary, and install a new transformer)
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Charger Ready Goals and Incentives

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Level 2 Ports

DC Fast Charger Ports

Program Incentive: Customer Sided Cost

Program Incentive: Utility Sided Cost

Incentive Cap


Charger Ready: Residential

Level 2 Ports


DC Fast Charger Ports


Program Incentive: Customer Sided Cost

50% of make-ready customer sided costs, up to $1000

Program Incentive: Utility Sided Cost

100% of make-ready utility sided costs, up to $5000

Incentive Cap

Capped at 90% of total project cost

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How to Get Started

Make sure your home is EV ready. You’ll need a licensed electrician to install a new Level 2 charging station.

If you need new or upgraded service for your project, you will need to submit a service request. To apply, you or your electrician will need to submit a work request for service through Project Center. Project Center is an online application that allows customers or contractors to apply for new services, upgrades, gas conversions and other projects through Orange & Rockland’s New Business Services department.

You can purchase a qualified smart Level 2 charger directly from a manufacturer, installers and network providers, online retailers, or the My ORU Store.


There’s no need to apply for your incentive until your EV charger is installed and energized. Incentives are based on a first come, first serve basis.

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What’s Required

To receive Charger Ready incentives, residential customers must agree to permit Rockland Electric to share their AMI data that is related to the meter associated with their EV charger, with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities on a confidential basis, as part of program reporting.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Limited to utility-sided and customer-sided equipment for Level 2 chargers installed in a residence in the RECO service territory on or after the Effective Date, 10/12/2022
  • EV charger costs are not eligible for an incentive
  • The customer will own the EV charger and be solely responsible for its operation and maintenance
  • The customer must have an AMI meter at the residence
  • To receive Charger Ready incentives, residential customers must agree to permit the company to share their AMI data related to the meter associated with their EV charger with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities on a confidential basis, as part of program reporting. 

Multifamily Residential Customers Eligibility Requirements

The Residential and Commercial Charger Ready Programs are designed to allow both Multifamily Dwelling (MFD) owners and tenants to participate. Both owners and tenants will follow the same and equipment and operational eligibility requirements as the Charger Ready Residential and Commercial Programs, as described in the Charger Ready Program Manual. With a focus on “make-ready” support, the MFD Charger Ready Programs provide incentives toward pre-wiring of electrical infrastructure at residential or commercial parking spaces to facilitate easy and cost-efficient installation of smart Level 2 (L2) and Level 3 (DCFC) EV chargers.

Click here to confirm which program, Charger Ready Residential or Charger Ready Commercial, your MFD project qualifies to participate in.

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How to Apply

After reviewing the Charger Ready program eligibility requirements, residential customers can submit an application through the online portal after their charger is energized.

If you would like to find out how much of an incentive you qualify for, you’ll need to know all the costs associated with your project (listed below). Start an application in the “How to Apply” section below. When asked “Is the L2 charger installed and energized?” choose “No, I am seeking pre-approval. I plan to install an L2 charger(s).”

To find out how much you qualify for, you’ll need:

  • Estimated fees to be paid to Rockland Electric. You may have received a quote from Rockland Electric.
  • Estimated eligible Customer-Sided Costs anticipated
  • Estimated cost of other non-eligible incentive costs of the project, including the charger. If you do not know, you may skip this question.

If your charger is installed and energized, you’ll need:

  • Valid Rockland Electric Account # of the charger installation location. This will be a required field during application submission.
  • Installation Invoice which must include:
    • Electrical company/contractor letterhead
    • Address matching electrical service address
    • Installation date on or after the Effective Date, 10/12/2022
    • Invoice must be marked as paid/completed before final incentive payment
    • Charger serial number
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Have Questions?

Please consult the RECO Charger Ready Program Manual for further program details.
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