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REV Demonstration Projects

Current REV Demonstration Projects

REV Demonstration Projects have the potential to help to lower costs, test advanced technologies, and design new replicable business models

Project Name

Project Name Project Description Project Status

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Electrification of Heating

Requesting information on the execution of electrification of heating demonstration project. RFI Open

Request for Information (RFI)

Responses to RFI Questions

Smart Home Rate Designed to demonstrate how alternative rate structures, along with home energy management technologies, can provide price signals to customers to optimize value for the customer and the electric system. In Progress Latest Quarterly Report
Optimal Export Leveraging third party solution to reduce interconnection cost for developers. In Progress Latest Quarterly Report
Innovative Storage Business Model Leveraging residential solar plus storage systems to create a virtual power plant to benefit multiple stakeholders.

2020 Q4

Implementation Plan
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