Payment Plans and Assistance

We have a variety of programs designed to help you pay your bill and balance your energy costs.

Budget Billing

Spread your payments evenly across the year with our average-use billing plan. This lets you budget easily and avoid seasonal spikes in energy costs.

How it works: If you've been a customer for at least a year, we'll use your previous 12-month usage history, plus anticipated energy costs and other factors, to estimate your energy usage for the year ahead. If you don’t have a 12-month usage history, we’ll use the 12-month billing information for the premise, if it’s available, or we’ll estimate your future consumption.

We'll then divide the total by 12 to arrive at your monthly Budget Billing payment amount.

Periodic reviews: To prevent large over or underpayments, we'll periodically review your Budget Billing account. As a result, we could adjust your monthly payment up or down, or keep it the same, depending on the amount you've paid and the cost of your actual usage.

Year-end settlement: On the 12th month, we'll compare the cost of your actual usage to the total amount paid.

Your actual energy use will still be tracked and reflected in your monthly bill. O&R and Rockland Electric accounts are reviewed on the 6th month; PCL&P accounts are reviewed every four months.

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Bill Extender

Are you having difficulty paying your bill on time because your monthly Social Security or other check arrives after your payment due date? If you're at least 60 years of age or on a fixed income, you may qualify for a bill extender and receive special protection from late payment charges.

A bill extender allows you to extend the due date on your energy bill up to 45 days after the billing date.

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New Jersey Lifeline Credit

If you’re over 65, disabled, or receiving medical or pharmaceutical assistance, you may be eligible to receive an annual credit of up to $225 through New Jersey's Lifeline Credit Program.

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Special Services

If you are 62 years or older, or have vision, hearing, or speech impairment or another disability, you could qualify for special protection.

We’re also able to help customers on electrically operated medical devices plan for an interruption in electric service through our Life-Saving Equipment program.

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Or, call us toll-free at 1-877-434-4100, weekdays, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Telecommunications Relay Service is available for the hearing impaired by calling 711.

NJ Shares

If you're a Rockland Electric customer unable to pay your home-heating bills because of emergency conditions, the New Jersey Statewide Heating Assistance and Referral for Energy Services (NJ SHARES) can offer you financial assistance.

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The Neighbor Fund

In New York, The Neighbor Fund provides emergency home-heating grants to customers of Orange & Rockland no matter what type of fuel is used.

You don't have to repay the grant money, and you don’t have to meet any age limits or income guidelines.

Contact the Salvation Army offices in Spring Valley (845-352-9577), Middletown (845-343-0821), or Port Jervis (845-856-3214).

Home Energy Assistance

If your income falls within a certain range, the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) can help you pay your energy bill. 
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Payment Extensions

If you need extra time to pay your bill, log in to your account and request an extension of up to 10 days.

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Get Well First

Get Well First allows you to extend the due date on your utility bill payment during a hospital stay. That way, you can put first things first — and concentrate on restoring your good health. To be eligible, you must be hospitalized for a minimum of 10 days.

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Payment Agreements

If you have received a final termination notice because you can’t pay your bill, you will receive a standard payment agreement offer at least 10 days before your service is turned off. Log on and click "Payment Agreement" to see our offer and to enroll.

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