Q&A - O&R’S 2018 NY Rate Review Request

  • O&R is seeking an increase in its electric and natural gas delivery rates to provide for the continued safe, reliable and secure operation of its electric and natural gas delivery systems.
  • O&R’s request begins a year-long public review process in which the NYSPSC examines the company’s proposals. That review is managed by an administrative law judge who ensures the fairness and thoroughness of the process through to the final decision and vote by the New York State Public Service Commission NYSPSC.
  • O&R’s request reflects the fundamental transformation electric and gas energy companies, particularly in New York State, are undergoing to build a cleaner, more resilient and affordable grid. The era of the power grid with centralized generation and one-way electric flow is transitioning to a more complex, interactive electric grid.
  • January 2019

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