New Upgrades Broaden O&R's Digital Connection to Customers

O&R has substantially upgraded its My Account and O&R Mobile App digital programs to make it even easier for customers to do business with the company.

My Account

For the My Account program, that means a wide array of new options and information is available. Those new features are designed to help customers manage their energy usage and costs more conveniently and effectively.

Among those new features are: a multi-factor authentication every time customers log in from a new device, a more clearly displayed bill amount and due date and the ability to manage multiple accounts with just one login.

That’s not all. More new features include a graphic display of 12-month historical energy costs and energy use with a weather pattern overlay to show the correlation between energy cost and weather, a comparison to similar homes, and comparable energy-efficient homes, a month-to-month cost and usage analysis and new bill change explanations (e.g. “You likely used less electricity because this billing period was three days shorter.”).

All the features that were available before these upgrades were made are still available here but in a larger, easier-to-read format. They include: signing up for outage text alerts; enrolling in eBill, Budget Billing and Automatic Bill Payment; viewing bills, correspondences, market rates and payment history; and stopping service.

O&R Mobile App

Here’s what’s new with the updated O&R Mobile App:

  • Log in via fingerprint or facial ID
  • Outage reporting tied to your account with the ability to report an outage, get status updates and view the outage map
  • A redesigned and improved My Account experience with almost all functions that are available on the desktop site

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