O&R Plans to Start New Haverstraw Coal Tar Cleanup

O&R plans to start work this month on a clean-up project, including the removal of approximately 30,000 tons (18,000 cubic yards) of coal-tar impacted soil, at the site of a manufactured gas plant (MGP) that closed its doors over 80 years ago in the village of Haverstraw.

The project is expected to last about eight months and cost approximately $10 million. The one-acre parcel, which is owned by O&R, is located at 120 Maple Avenue, a residential and commercial area that is zoned for light industrial use.

The site is currently vacant. Only piping from the former gas regulator station is on site. O&R currently has no plans for the property's future use.

Most of the site excavation activities will take place under a large tent-like fabric structure (approximately 230 feet by 120 feet by 45 feet) with a carbon-filter, air-handling system.

The fabric structure will control vapors — similar to those from roofing adhesive or driveway sealer — and dust generated during the excavation of soil that is impacted with coal tar. The effectiveness of the structure will be verified by real-time air monitoring conducted 24/7 during the project.

The excavated soil will be trucked off site for thermal treatment and disposal to approved, licensed facilities in Fort Edward, NY and Morrisville, Pa. Clean fill will be trucked in to replace the excavated soil. All trucks and equipment leaving the site will be cleaned before driving on neighborhood roads.

The project’s work will be performed Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sound levels will be consistent with a typical construction project. Security will be provided on the site during evening hours and weekends and holidays.

The project construction offices will be housed in trailers on site and staffed during business hours by supervisors from the principal contractor, Charter Contracting Company, LLC, and O&R's Construction Manager and Engineer. The project site is a construction area and is not open to the general public. Questions about the project should be directed to O&R at (845) 858-0018.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) have been working with utilities across the state to identify, investigate and clean up these sites if necessary. O&R has been working cooperatively with NYSDEC and NYSDOH since 1996 to investigate seven MGP sites, formerly owned by O&R predecessor companies, and has successfully completed clean-up projects in Haverstraw, Nyack, Port Jervis and Suffern.

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