O&R Delivers More Dry Ice Today To Forestburgh

While O&R crews work to restore power to Sullivan County customers, the company today is delivering 6,000 pounds of dry ice for distribution to area residents.

O&R is delivering the bags of dry ice to the Forestburgh Fire Department, 2539 Route 42, Forestburgh, N.Y. 12777.


To make the dry ice available to a broader area, the Forestburgh Fire Department is splitting the dry ice with Camp Simcha, 430 White Road, Glen Spey,NY 12737.


The dry ice is scheduled to arrive at the fire department sometime late afternoon to early evening, and personnel from the department and the camp will coordinate the division of dry ice and the transport of Camp Simcha’s share to its facility.


To confirm the delivery of the dry ice to both outlets, please call the Forestburgh Fire Department at (845) 794-7899.


O&R delivered 3,000 pounds of dry ice to the firehouse on Sunday.


For customers picking up dry ice, instructions for safe handling and disposal are printed on the paper bag containing the ice. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and should be used only in well-ventilated areas. Keep children and pets safely away. .

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