O&R Proposes New Electric Substation in Deerpark

To continue to reliably provide an adequate supply of electricity to the community, Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. (O&R), is planning to invest over $18 million to build a new electric substation near the intersection of Orchard Lane and state Route 209 in the town of Deerpark.

When completed, the substation will produce new estimated annual local tax revenue totaling at 2015 rates $745,230. (The school portion of the tax total is $550,540 per year.) The current land taxes on the parcel total $2,687 annually. The target date for completion is November 2017.

The new facility will be sited on two adjacent parcels of a combined 7.77 acres owned by the utility. The substation itself and its fenced-in perimeter will cover approximately 0.9 acres.

The new substation will directly benefit 6,500 customers. It is needed to meet the increased electrical requirements of the Town of Deerpark and the surrounding area, and will provide additional increased service reliability to Port Jervis and O&R’s electric customers in Pike County, Pennsylvania.

This new facility is an entry point to bring more electricity into the area and to improve service reliability. The proposed substation does not generate electricity. The substation takes high voltage electricity from the 69kv transmission system that has run through this property for decades and converts that electricity to lower voltage so it can be delivered to local homes and businesses.

The mobile substation that has been temporarily supplementing the local electric supply with power from the overhead transmission lines on this property will now be removed, replaced by the new permanent substation.

A landscaped berm between the substation and Route 209 will provide partial screening of the substation. A chain link fence with two double gates will be installed around the substation equipment as a security measure. Another gate at the substation driveway entrance off of Route 209, as well as multiple security cameras, will provide additional security at the proposed site.

After it’s completed, O&R’s proposed substation will generate virtually no traffic. O&R plans to install high-tech, low-sound equipment in the substation. This equipment typically registers sound at the fence line on a par with an air conditioner.

The substation will be lit only internally with limited outside illumination used only for emergency repairs or maintenance. Otherwise, the site will remain dark at night.

Regular maintenance visits by O&R personnel take place during daylight hours once a month, but the substation’s equipment is constantly and thoroughly monitored through digital systems within the station that communicate with O&R’s 24/7 Energy Control Center.

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