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I'm having difficulty paying my bill. What should I do?

If you're having financial problems and can't pay your energy bill, contact Customer Assistance right away. By notifying us immediately, you may be able to avoid a service shut off.

What are my options if I can't pay my energy bill?

The first thing you have to do is call us. You may request an extension on your due date, or you may enter into a payment agreement. If you cannot manage either of these options and we find that you're eligible, we may refer you to the appropriate social service agency for assistance. If you've already exhausted all governmental resources for financial assistance and are still having financial difficulty paying your bill, we may refer you to The Neighbor Fund or NJ SHARES for help.

What is a payment agreement?

A payment agreement is an arrangement that you reach with us to make reasonable installment payments over a period of time for the amount of money that you owe. In making the agreement, we'll consider your financial circumstances and any income limitations you may have.

What are the terms of your payment agreement?

The amount of monthly installments on a payment agreement is determined by factors such as:

  • Your ability to pay, based on your household income, family size and basic expenses;
  • Your payment history;
  • The length of time your payment has been overdue; and
  • The amount of your unpaid balance.

Regardless, we'll discuss a down payment with you and work out a manageable payment schedule. The length of the agreement and the amount of your monthly installment payments will be decided between us.

What happens if I don't call to let you know that I can't pay my bill on time?

If you know you are going to miss the payment due date shown on your bill, please call us to discuss payment terms. Otherwise, your account will be considered overdue. A late payment charge of 1.5% is applied to overdue balances.

Residential electric customers of Rockland Electric Company are exempt from late payment charges, in accordance with regulations mandated by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

However, small businesses and large commercial customers of Rockland Electric are subject to late payment charges.

What should I do if I still can't pay my bill after I enter into a payment agreement?

You must contact Customer Assistance immediately. We'll work with you until we arrive at a mutually agreeable solution. As long as you call us BEFORE you fail to make a payment, we'll do what we can to help you. Otherwise, we have the right to disconnect your service.

Can you turn off my service for non-payment of energy bills?

The last thing we want to do is turn off your service. We'd rather make every effort to work with you and help you pay an overdue balance. However, if it becomes necessary for us to turn off your service, we will.

Besides non-payment, when else can my service be turned off?

Here are other reasons why your service can be turned off:

  • Tampering with company meters or other company property;
  • Theft of energy service;
  • Customer refusal to allow our employees to read the meter or check company equipment; or
  • A serious safety or technical problem that needs to be addressed before service is restored.
How do I get my service turned back on after it's been disconnected for non-payment?

We can reconnect your service within 24 hours when:

  • You've paid the amount due, or signed a payment agreement and
  • Made a down payment on your bill;
  • You face a serious threat to health or safety; or
  • The state regulatory commission asks us to reconnect the service.
I receive public assistance and my service was disconnected. How do I get it back on?

If you receive public assistance, we'll turn your service back on within 24 hours of receipt of a notice of payment from the social service agency helping you.

What is your policy for returned checks?

We apply a $25 charge for every returned check you write.