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Getting Your Gas Back

When you report a gas leak to O&R, and we find the leak, but are unable to fix it, your service may be shut off. If we do shut the gas, our priority is restoring your service as safely and quickly as possible.


Here is what to expect, step by step:

An ORU worker w a wrench.

1.  If we shut your gas, you will receive a “Red Tag” on your appliance or gas meter. You then hire a licensed plumber to fix the issue.

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2. Your plumber makes the repairs, and then you contact O&R’s customer service to confirm that the repairs were made.

A home with a garage.

3. We will then come out to your home and inspect the work. If a problem with the repair work is detected, the plumber must make more repairs.

A meter gauge.

4. We typically restore your gas service with a visual inspection and a leak test. After the plumber’s repair work passes our inspection, your gas can be restored.

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5. Restoration requires an in-home visit to light, check and inspect all gas-powered appliances.

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6. If you’re not the homeowner, please contact your building manager for the status of the restoration of your gas service.

An apartment building.

7. If you live in an apartment and need your gas turned on, building managers may help us enter apartments if no one is home.

A boiler.

8. If you contact us for a CO issue, please have the boiler cleaned, and then call O&R to have us come to your home to check the level.

Understanding Gas Restoration