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The Outage Map uses color-coded icons to indicate the number and location of customers without power in the Con Edison service area.

  • The Legend tab to the right of the map explains how the color-coded icons indicate the number and location of customers without service.
  • The Summary tab to the right of the map provides additional information by borough for New York City, and by municipality for Westchester County.
  • You may choose Road or Aerial map views. The Aerial view lets you choose to display the map with or without town and road labels.
  • Click “+” to zoom in, click “–” to zoom out. Map view elevations range between 40 miles (minimum zoom) and 250 yards (maximum zoom).
  • Click on the arrows (upper left of map) to navigate up, down, left, or right. Hold the left mouse button to drag the map to a location you wish to view.
  • Place your mouse pointer over a colored outage area for information about the outage. The information window provides a link for reporting an electric service problem or checking the status of a previously reported problem.
  • The Go To function to the lower right of the map allows you to navigate to a specific address or area of your choice.
  •  For a specific address, enter an address or ZIP code on the first line.
  •  For a broad service area, make a selection from the drop-down menu on the second line.
  •  The Go To Overview function returns the map to a default view of the Con Edison service territory.
  • The Favorites feature allows you to save a map view for later use.
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