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Frequently Asked Questions About Orange & Rockland’s Solar & Battery Storage Program

It’s an O&R pilot program (proof-of-concept) registered with the NY State Public Service Commission. We’re enabling 300 residential customers to get a cutting-edge solar & battery system at a discounted rate because these systems help lighten the load on the grid. We reviewed competitive bids and selected Sunrun as our partner in this project. This is the only solar & battery project currently being run by a utility in the state of New York.
You’re in the right place at the right time. Only residential customers on specific circuits are eligible. This project aims to help lower the electricity demand on these circuits during peak usage times.

During the day, your solar panels will provide power to your home and charge your battery. If you experience a power outage, your battery will automatically provide backup power to the things in your home that are important to you – such as your refrigerator, WiFi, and lights.

When there is high demand on the grid for electricity, Sunrun will send a signal to your battery system to send energy to your home or to the grid to help meet that high demand. You’ll keep a 20% reserve for personal backup needs during these times and get the special discounted price on your system’s lease for helping reduce grid strain.

We view this first-of-its-kind project as a win-win proposition. You get a substantially discounted solar and battery system to upgrade your home as part of a low electric rate with Sunrun. Plus, the local community will benefit when you use or share stored energy at times when demand in your area is highest.
This offer has limited availability and will close once 300 customers sign up. Enrollment is first come first served!
You’re right to be cautious, but this is the ONLY current O&R solar & battery partnership. Sunrun is our approved partner.
That is the number of battery units that we and the Public Service Commission feel are both measurable and impactful to help with load relief on the circuits.
You can select any system that works best for you, however, since this is a pilot program, these incentives are very attractive. Sunrun is our exclusive partner for this program, so you’ll miss out on the incentives if you choose another company.
Yes, your generator is not always in use and is a great backup plan. However, it uses costly fuel and is not recharged by solar power.
Unfortunately, no. Certain requirements are necessary. Your home must receive enough sunlight, have a roof that is in good enough shape to support the brackets and panels, and your home must use enough electricity over the course of a year to participate in the program. Additionally, some battery units cannot be installed outside, so enough room in a garage or basement may be needed.
You can all our dedicated toll-free number at 1-844-321-1432.