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HVAC engineers

Prescriptive Rebate Pathway

Limited time offer, get up to a 25% bonus rebate for projects installed before 8/1/2022.  Reduce your energy use, lower your energy bill, and even save on maintenance costs with this program. Funds are limited so act fast! 

Program Details

Our Prescriptive Rebate Pathway is your best option for heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) or variable speed drive (VSD) upgrades and installations that meet our eligibility requirements.

Prescriptive rebates are designed to cover up to 50 percent of the INCREMENTAL MEASURE COST for installing high-efficiency HVAC equipment, and installing VSD*.

*All VSD projects require preapproval.

If your project isn't covered by this program, check out our Custom Rebate Pathway.

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See if You're Eligible

You're eligible to participate in this program if:
  • You're a New York commercial or industrial customer who has an active electric and/or gas account with us,
  • You contribute to the System Benefit Charge (SBC),
  • You're installing energy-efficient electric and/or gas measures in an existing facility or new construction project.

Incentive Levels & Eligibility Requirements

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Apply Now

To participate, complete the online application and attach the specification sheets, scope of work and invoice.

We’ll review your application and equipment specifications for eligibility to process the rebate.

Some rebates may require an on-site verification inspection prior to payment.

Submit your Rebate Application for the following:

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Important Resources



Letter of Authorization

All rebates are payable to Orange & Rockland's customer of record on the account unless a signed letter of authorization is submitted by the customer permitting another company to collect the rebate.

Technical Guidelines

 Sample Project Information Template
 Variable Speed Domestic Water Booster Pump System

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