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Instant HVAC Incentive Program

Save money and energy through our participating contractors to get instant incentives on your high-efficiency commercial HVAC equipment, water heating equipment, and kitchen appliances. 

Get long-term energy savings with HVAC

If your heating, hot water, or cooking equipment is more than 10 years old, don’t wait for it to quit on you. Install state-of-the-art equipment today and enjoy the long-term benefits of a new, high-efficiency model, including:

  • Reduced maintenance costs 
  • Increased comfort and control
  • Savings on energy bills
  • Increased equipment lifetime

You could save tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs over the lifetime of your new equipment.

Eligible Equipment

The O&R Instant HVAC Incentive Program offers the following incentives for equipment upgrades related to commercial HVAC, water heating, and kitchen appliances. 

See the financial incentives available for your business:

Eligible Customers

  • Eligible equipment must be installed at an active, directly metered, commercial, or industrial facility served by O&R electric or natural gas. Master and individually metered multifamily customers are eligible as well. 
  • O&R customers with a service class of SC-14 or those receiving gas service via a negotiated contract are not eligible.
  • Religious and veterans’ organizations on a residential rate code are also eligible.

Start Saving

Contact a Participating Contractor today to see how much you can save by upgrading your building’s HVAC, water heating, and kitchen equipment. 

Interested in becoming an O&R participating contractor? Contact us for more details.