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A well-lit open office space.

Receive Instant Lighting Incentives

Upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting through our participating distributors to get instant incentives.

Today's advanced lighting technologies, sensors and controls offer a significant opportunity for businesses to reduce energy and increase cost savings. By simply switching to LED products, you can help reduce lighting-related energy costs by up to 90%*.

Take advantage of RECO's interior and exterior Instant Lighting Incentive Program (ILIP) to maximize your savings on more efficient lighting, lower your energy costs and improve the bottom line. For business customers, all you have to do is purchase qualifying ENERGY STAR® and DesignLights Consortium LEDs from one of our participating distributors. Products are discounted instantly, with no additional rebate forms or applications to fill out.

See a list of financial incentives available for your business.

Why Choose LEDs?

LEDs improve light quality at work and at home while using far less energy. Plus, energy-efficient lighting:

  • reduces energy costs,
  • lowers maintenance time and costs,
  • lasts more than 50 times that of traditional bulbs, and
  • improves productivity and mood

Popular Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

Interior Lighting

  • LED High-Bay Fixtures and/or Retrofit Kit
  • LED Replacement Lamps (Tubes)

Exterior Fixtures

  • ENERGY STAR® Hard-Wired CFL Fixture: Outdoor Omni- or Uni-Directional Wall/Ceiling/Ground/Pole Mount, Recessed Downlights - Including Retrofit Modules
  • ENERGY STAR® Integral LED Fixture: Outdoor Recessed Downlight and Retrofit Module
  • LED Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures
  • LED Parking Garage and Canopy Fixtures and Retrofit Kits
  • LED Pole/Arm-Mounted Parking and Roadway Fixtures and Retrofit Kits
  • LED Wall-Mount Fixtures and Retrofit Kits


Category Instant Discount
LED Troffer Luminaires Up to $35
LED Linear Ambient/Stairwell Luminaires Up to $50
LED Interior Directional Luminaires $30 per fixture/head
LED Display Case Luminaires Up to $25
LED High/Low Bay Luminaires Up to $400
LED Exterior Luminaires
Up to $350
LED Retrofit Kits Up to $60
ENERGY STAR Fixtures  Up to $15 
LED Mogul-Screw Base Replacements  Up to $100 per lamp 
LED Sign Lighting  Up to $2 per watt reduced 
Street/Roadway and Area Lighting  Up to $350 


Color and Appearance

LEDs are available in a wide range of colors to suit any space or task. Light color is measured on the Kelvin (K) scale — a lower K means warmer light, while a higher K means cooler light.
Interested in becoming a RECO participating distributor? Contact us for more details.

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