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An aerial view of the Manhattan city grid and Jersey shoreline, during the evening.

Smart Grid

We’re updating our grid to more intelligently manage your energy, provide alternate energy sources, and support electric vehicle charging.
How energy is sourced and transported to customers
  • 1 Control Centers

    Real-time monitoring allows us to manage and forecast constantly shifting energy needs.

  • Private Generation

    We’re able to support customers generating their own energy and send excess power back to the grid.

  • 3 Smart Grid Systems

    We’re enhancing reliability by finding problems on the grid and fixing them, faster.

  • 4 Smart Meters

    Smarter meters mean gathering better energy-use information so we can monitor the supply and anticipate difficult surges.

  • 5 Smart Building Technologies

    Smart meters can interact directly with your home or building.

  • 6 Greener Energy Sources

    Our energy grid is ready to incorporate renewable solar and wind energy.

  • 7 Plug-In Electric Cars

    Our smarter grid supports electric-vehicle charging, which means less dependence of fossil fuels.