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Disadvantaged Communities

For EV charging sites located within one mile of a Disadvantaged Community, incentives of up to 100 percent of make-ready infrastructure costs may be available. O&R will provide this 100 percent incentive until such Make-Ready Program expenditures reach 20 percent of its authorized incentive budget, after which the Company will continue to support development within  at the standard applicable 90 or 50 percent incentive levels. Sites eligible for the 100 percent incentive include:

  1. Publicly accessible DCFC sites utilizing non-proprietary plugs, located within one mile of a Disadvantaged Community.
  2. Level 2 sites located in multi-unit dwellings within one mile of a Disadvantaged Community.

The below map shows New York State Disadvantaged Community areas, shaded in gray. If the site you are considering is not clearly in or out of the gray areas, you can do an address search on the Disadvantaged Community Areas for Make-Ready Incentive Program Map by registering for and logging into the company’s Hosting Capacity and System Data Map. The Disadvantaged Communities is a layer located within the Non-network Load Serving Capacity tab.

Orange & Rockland Light-Duty Make Ready Program: Disadvantaged Communities

About the Data

Disadvantaged Communities in the Make-Ready Program are defined as areas that meet either of the two criteria listed below:

  1. Census block groups that meet the LMI Area Threshold (see below), that are also located within the DEC Potential Environmental Justice Areas
  2. New York State Disadvantaged Communities

LMI Area Threshold: Top quartile of census block groups in New York, ranked by the percentage of LMI Households in each census block. For the purposes of the Make-Ready Program, LMI Households are defined as households with annual incomes at or below 50% of the Area Median Income of their Census block group.

The Area Median Income data source is 2011-2015 HUD estimates.