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Rate Options for Charging at Home

Understand your billing options under our standard and time-of-use rates.

If you install a home charger, the cost of charging your electric vehicle will be based on the rate you currently pay for electric service.

Standard Residential Rate

The price you pay (per kilowatt-hour) for supply and delivery is based on the season and how much electricity you use, no matter the time of day or night.

The monthly customer charge is $20.50 under the standard residential rate.

Standard Delivery Periods Rates <250 kWh Rates >250 kWh
June 1 to Sept 30 9.176 cents/kWh 11.475 cents/kWh
All other months 9.176 cents/kWh 9.176 cents/kWh

Delivery Rates do not include taxes and other fees. 

In addition to delivery, you will also be charged for electricity supply, which fluctuates based on market prices. For historical supply pricing, use our Price to Compare. You can also purchase supply from an Energy Supplier

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