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Outage Recovery Updates

When severe weather or a heat wave is predicted, we plan ahead to make sure we can repair damage and restore service as safely and quickly as possible.

Before, During, and After an Outage

Check outage recovery updates for information on storms and other events that can disrupt your electric, gas, or steam service.

Orange & Rockland provides advance notice across our site, social channels, and media center:

  • How to stay safe during a storm
  • How to prepare for bad weather
  • How to conserve energy
  • Service updates
  • Outage information, including outage locations and estimates on when service will be restored
  • Information on emergency supply distribution locations (bottled water, dry ice, etc.) and coordination with city, state, and charitable organizations
  • Locations of heating or cooling centers

Up-to-Date Information on Storm Damage and Service Restorations

For example:
10,000: Number of damage locations after Hurricane Sandy
2,800: Number of field personnel who assisted O&R during Hurricane Sandy restoration
523: Number of poles damaged by Hurricane Sandy
251,000: Number of feet of wire replaced after Hurricane Sandy
250,000 Number of customers who lost power during Hurricane Sandy


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