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Apply for a Nonprofit Grant

Through the Community Investment Program, we provide grants for educational, environmental, arts and culture, and public safety programs. These grants are funded by shareholders of O&R’s parent company, Consolidated Edison, Inc.


The following guidelines must be met to qualify:
  • Tax-exempt status, i.e., 501(c)(3) or equivalent as defined by the Internal Revenue Code
  • A focus on educational, environmental, arts and culture, or public safety programs
  • Not substantially funded by the United Way
  • Not substantially government funded
  • Objectives are clearly defined and realistically accomplished
  • Objectives and programs are consistent with the company's Community Investment Program strategies and commitments
  • Have an active governing board and officers
  • Requested funds are greater than $500
  • Local chapters of national organizations must include a local chapter letter with their application
Funds are to be used within a 12-month period. You must also submit documentation that the funds are being used for the specific purpose for which the grant was approved throughout the 12-month period.
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How to Apply

Orange & Rockland will not be accepting grant applications for the rest of 2022, but please check back in January 2023, when we will resume.

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How Grants Are Evaluated

The following points are considered in evaluating grant applications:


  • Does this organization have tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status or equivalent?
  • Is this organization a tax-supported entity?
  • Is the organization substantially funded by the United Way?
  • Is the organization a tax-supported entity?
  • Does the organization have taxing authority?
  • Does the organization's mission address a local need?
  • Does the organization serve the O&R service territory?
  • Is there a volunteer board of directors? Are the members local residents?
  • Is there evidence of support by the community?


  • Does the program/project address O&R's stated areas of focus?
  • Does the program or project address a local need?
  • Is the program broad-based in its objectives and participants?
  • Does O&R's contribution represent a reasonable portion of the total program cost?
  • Is the program approach creative and innovative?
  • Does the program have sufficient evaluation and follow-up?
  • If a grant is awarded, how will O&R's contribution be recognized/acknowledged?
  • Would O&R's grant promote additional corporate/individual support?

Budget and Funding

  • Will less than 20 percent of the program cost be used for administrative expenses?
  • Will the program be self-sufficient in subsequent years?
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What Doesn’t Qualify

Grants will not be made to, or for, the following and will be automatically rejected:

  • United Way organizations
  • Government funded organizations
  • School districts and affiliated associations
  • Municipalities with taxing authority
  • Individuals or salaries
  • An event that has already passed prior to application being reviewed by the committee
  • Advertising
  • Administrative salaries
  • General operating expenses
  • Large capital construction projects
  • Private foundations that are themselves grant making bodies
  • School districts and municipalities with taxing authority
  • Beauty or talent contests
  • Athletic scholarships, funds, or recreational activities such as leagues or teams
  • Organizations outside O&R's service territory (unless justification can be demonstrated for granting an exception)
  • Parties, banquets, and golf outings of any kind
  • Donations of electric or gas service
  • In-kind services of any kind
  • Institutions or organizations whose purpose is to propagate a particular religious faith or creed
  • An event that has already passed or an event that will happen within five to six weeks of the application
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