Service Territory

Orange & Rockland Coverage by the Numbers

7 counties in Northwestern New York City and Northern New Jersey
1,350 square miles of primarily residential units with a mix of commercial, industrial, agricultural, and recreational facilities 
300,000 electric customers in both states
128,000 natural gas customers

Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.—Electric and Gas 

Rockland Electric Company—Electric Only

Customer Rate Codes

This table is provided to assist energy service companies in identifying mass-market customers pursuant to Order Resetting Retail Energy Markets and Establishing Further Process, Case 15-M-0127, issued and effective February 23, 2016.
Nonresidential Gas Service Classes may contain customers with consumption less than 750 dekatherms (Dth) per year, potentially qualifying them as mass-market customers. Energy service companies can use account usage information to determine whether the customer is a mass-market customer.

Service Type


Mass-Market Non residential


231, 306, 406, 531, 631, 706, 716, 731, 906, 931

All nonresidential rate codes except the following are potential mass-market customers: 106, 206, 261, 462, 616, 862, 936


101, 181, 201, 301, 401, 481, 501, 601, 701, 801, X2E, X3E, X5E, X6E, X7E, X8E

902, X9D

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