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FAQ for Energy Suppliers

Requests must be received as follows: 

  • NY gas customers — at least 10 business days prior to the first of the month.
  • NY electric customers — at least five business days prior to the scheduled meter reading date.
  • NJ electric customers — at least 13 days prior to the scheduled meter reading date.
In New York, enrollments are handled on a first in basis. In New Jersey, they are handled on a last in basis.

Yes, we accept enrollments for future start dates. However, we do NOT accept back-dated enrollment or drop requests.

There are various reasons why usage may be missing from some accounts. The main reasons are that the account:

  • hasn't been billed up to date
  • was finalized
  • switched to another marketer
  • is inactive

To request missing usage, email the Retail Access department.

Send an email to the Retail Access department with the new bill message. Messages are limited to 460 characters, including spaces.
You can find the meter read schedule by logging in to the RAIS portal, then navigating through View Only, Downloads, Miscellaneous.
The Customer Tax Rate (AMT 9M) segment is required at O&R for Utility Consolidated Billing Enrollment Requests for commodity sales tax. O&R will reject an Enrollment Request when Utility Consolidated Billing option is requested if this segment is not sent. O&R will reject an Enrollment Request if this segment is sent for DUAL billing option. O&R will return this data on Accepted Responses for Utility Consolidated Billing Enrollment Requests.

 Send the following documents to our Retail Access department:

  • Information of new bank on the bank's letterhead
  • Updated W-9
  • Completed ACH form

Matching payee name and address should be on all submitted documents.

Supplier Customer Sync List can be found by accessing the RAIS portal with the provided credentials.
Capacity obligation is provided in the AMT*KZ segment of the 814E response file and in the QTY*KZ segment in the 867HU file. They can also be found on the ESCO's Sync list on the RAIS web portal.
Transmission Obligations can be found through the EDI in the REF*PR segment in the 867 HU file.
You can obtain interval data and load profiles by accessing our RAIS portal using your authorized credentials.
No. Budget Billing does not affect POR payments.
The current POR discount rates can be found here.
Rate changes must be received at least four (4) business days before the scheduled read date in order to be effective for the current billing cycle.
No. Rate changes are only effective during the current billing cycle.
Yes, multiple rate changes can be requested, but only the last valid rate will apply.