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FAQ’s for Third-Party Vendors

If you haven’t utilized Share My Data recently, your authorization may have been withdrawn. Data authorization will be revoked if a third-party vendor is inactive for more than 45 days.
Customers may authorize Third-Parties to view their data via the Orange & Rockland website or through the Third-Party’s website.
As part of a customer's authorization allowing you to access their data, the historical period for authorization will be defaulted to 2 years.
Registration is an offline process. You will have to fill out a registration form and send it directly to Orange & Rockland. Registration will be created by Orange & Rockland on the Third-Party’s behalf.
Share My Data is a new capability that allows our customers to approve and automate the secure transfer of their own energy usage data to authorized third parties. Customers no longer need to log into their online account and to constantly download their data. Instead, a customer can authorize a Third-Party company to access their Con Edison energy data and analyze their energy consumption automatically and repeatedly using Share My Data.
Within the scope of the Share My Data program, Third Parties are subject to the Customer Data Privacy and Protection Rules specified in the Share My Data platform terms and conditions and to the requirements included in the Customer Data Access Tariff.
  • Protecting customer information is a top priority for Con Edison. Con Edison treats information about their customers—including personal information—as confidential, consistent with all legal and regulatory requirements, including those established by the New York Public Utilities Commission and others.
  • Once a customer authorizes the release of data, it is the customer’s and Third-Party’s responsibility to protect that data.
  • A customer can elect to stop sharing data with a Third-Party at any time by logging in to their Con Edison online account and cancelling their authorization.
You will have to implement Share My Data’s Green Button standards to support authorization from your website. For more details refer Share My Data platform’s Third-Party Technical Onboarding document.

Share My Data inspires new ways for customers to manage and ultimately reduce their energy usage. This solution is the next step in an effort to provide standardized access to customer energy data that will unlock the next generation of conservation solutions.

Orange & Rockland will be responsible for maintaining and operating the Share My Data platform to facilitate the registration of companies to participate in the program. Orange & Rockland will ensure all business entities abide by the terms and conditions and have the technical capability to use the Share My Data platform.