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Economic Impact Report

We do more than keep lights on and the heat flowing. We also energize the economy by supporting thousands of local jobs and contributing millions in taxes across six counties in New York and northern New Jersey. Industry leader HR&A Advisors helped us measure our company's impact on the neighborhoods we serve.

Energizing the Economy

We power the economies of our communities, generating thousands of jobs and nearly two billion dollars in economic activity throughout our service territory.

Our total economic output is equal to 1% of our service territory’s Gross Domestic Product.

For every 1 Orange & Rockland employee, our economic activity supports another 2 jobs in New York and New Jersey.

Orange & Rockland’s $117 million contract spending reached companies big and small within New York and New Jersey, including $34 million toward Minority- or Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) and small businesses.

Tax Contribution

New York and New Jersey depend on Orange & Rockland for a significant share of its total tax revenue.

In addition to the $88 million in direct taxes to New York and New Jersey, we contribute about $96 million in local taxes, which include $59 million to Rockland County and $30 million to Orange County.

Our $184 million in fiscal contributions in New York and New Jersey are sufficient to pay 2,300 public school teachers or 2,800 social workers in the region.

Creating and Sustaining Jobs

Orange & Rockland is powered by New Yorkers and New Jerseyans, and provides quality, family-sustaining jobs for our workforce.

83% of Orange & Rockland employees are New York State residents, and 13% are New Jersey State residents.

Fifty-two percent of Orange & Rockland’s workforce is represented by an industry union. That’s 590 union jobs.

More than 9 in 10 O&R employees are graduates from New York- or New Jersey-based institutions, with a significant share graduating from SUNY or New Jersey’s public colleges or universities.

As a sign of employee satisfaction, employees tend to stay at Orange & Rockland 8 years longer than average utilities sector, advancing their career through internal promotions.