Utility Pole Attachments and Private Area Lighting

Next Steps for Requesting a Utility Pole Attachment

2. Complete two License Agreements for the appropriate state. (Required information is highlighted in yellow. Informational items are highlighted in green.)

3. Complete the License Survey Application (PDF) for additional attachments covered under an existing License Agreement.

4. Submit the required documents: 

Private Area Lighting

We offer a variety of private area floodlighting designed to provide added safety and security in parking lots, walkways, and just about any area within distance of our existing utility poles.

These lights are completely automatic, coming on at dusk and turning themselves off at dawn. We furnish the fixture, install it on existing poles, and maintain and operate the lights—all for a flat monthly fee.

To learn more about our private area lighting program, contact the O&R New Business Services office nearest you.

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