O&R: Use These Cold Weather Coping Tips to Save Energy and Money

Please consider using and sharing the following tips:

* Turn the temperature on your thermostat down while you are not home. Try to keep the temperature no greater than 68 degrees.
* Make sure your thermostat is not affected by drafts that could skew the readings. Use a clock thermostat to automatically change the heating pattern to fit your schedule.
* Take a moment to turn off any devices or appliances you are not using.
* Use weather-stripping at all attic stairwells and access openings for tight insulation.
* Stop cold air infiltration from electric switch and plug outlets by using draft blockers.
* Open curtains and/or shades of east, south and west-facing windows on sunny winter days to let the sun help you heat your home. Close them at night. Keep draperies closed all day on north-facing windows.
* Close all hot air vents or radiators in unused rooms. Then, close the doors to those rooms securely, using draft guards at the door bottoms if necessary. CAUTION: If you have a radiator-hot water system, be sure that the unused room does not get so cold as the temperature falls below freezing.
* Check all places where heat enters the room. Make sure the draperies and furniture do not block the flow of heat.
* Use a room or furnace humidifier or keep shallow pans of water on radiator tops or near hot air vents to add humidity to your home.
* Check the filters on your forced-air furnace every month during the heating season. Replace as necessary.
If you do experience a power outage, please report it to O&R by calling 1-877-434-4100.

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