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PA Eenrgy Shopper's Guide

In Pennsylvania, customers have the following options for their energy supply:

  • Customers in our Pike County Light & Power Co. (PCL&P) service area can stay with or switch to PCL&P's default service and receive a market-based rate for electric supply.
  • Alternatively, all customers in our PCL&P service area can choose their electricity supply service from alternate suppliers. Please see our list of participating electric generation suppliers.
  • For PA residential and small business customers, PowerSwitch allows you to choose a supplier yourself from a list of participating companies, or lets you authorize PCL&P to select one for you from a rotating list of qualified suppliers. Either way, you'll get a one-time 7% savings off the cost of the energy supply portion of your bill for two billing periods.

To help you in your selection of an electric supplier, PCL&P has prepared its Energy Shopper's Guide.

PCL&P maintains a list of its customers, which is made available to licensed suppliers in PCL&P's territory. If you do not want to be included on this list, please login to My Account then choose Eligible Customer List and complete the form, or call Customer Assistance at 1-877-434-4100. If you do not take action to opt-out, you will be included on the Eligible Customer List. For more information on this Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission-mandated requirement, click here.