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Gas Appliance Rebates

Is your home heating or water equipment old and inefficient? Replace them and get a rebate.

You can get a rebate from O&R for a new high-efficiency natural gas system. Most importantly, you'll save significant energy and lower your bill.

The new equipment must be a natural gas system and installed on a New York residential O&R gas account.

How to Get Your Rebate

Instruct your contractor to install equipment that meets eligibility requirements.

For expedited processing, submit applications for rebates electronically through our Online Portal.

Attach proof of equipment purchase when completing the application.

You may be contacted to schedule a brief visual inspection of the equipment by O&R at a time convenient for you.

To obtain a mail-in application, please email Mark Maloney. Mail-in applications will take approximately 6-8 weeks to process. 


Rebate Schedule for Eligible Gas Equipment

Qualifying Equipment

Eligibility Requirements

Rebate Amounts*

Stand Alone Water Heater (Storage)

ENERGY STAR rated 40 gallon or greater and Energy Factor .67 or greater


Tankless Water Heater

ENERGY STAR rated and Energy Factor .82 or greater


Indirect Water Heater

Must be installed with new qualifying natural gas boiler



AFUE 90 or greater



AFUE 92 or greater with ECM fan



AFUE 94 or greater with ECM fan


Water Boiler

AFUE 85 or greater


Water Boiler

AFUE 90 or greater


Boiler Reset Control

Attached to qualifying natural gas boiler


Steam Boiler

AFUE 82 or greater


Wi-Fi Thermostat (Limit 2)

Must be installed with new furnace or boiler


Duct and Air Sealing

Must be installed by BPI certified contractor

Duct sealing must be assisted by duct blaster testing.

$250 ea.

AFUE—Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency
ECM—Electronically Commutated Motor
BPI—Building Performance Institute
*Available for a limited time, only while funds last

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