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Receive Instant Lighting Incentives

Upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting through our participating distributors to get instant incentives.

Did you know your incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lighting could be a real energy waster for your business? By simply switching to LED products, you can help reduce lighting-related energy costs by up to 90 percent.

We've partnered with participating distributors to make it easy for business customers to purchase qualifying ENERGY STAR and DesignLights Consortium LEDs. Products are discounted instantly, with no additional rebate forms or applications to fill out. All lighting must be installed on your business premises within 30 days.

Find a Participating Distributor

Benefits of LED Lighting

  • Crisp, clean light reduces eyestrain for a more comfortable work environment
  • Instant-on lighting does not flicker or hum
  • Most styles are compatible with dimmers
  • Unlike CFLs, LEDs do not contain toxic materials, such as mercury or lead
  • Bulbs emit a high-quality, natural light color for beautiful product displays
  • Saves on bulb replacement, maintenance, and cooling-related costs

Eligible Lamps



Minimum Customer
A-Line <11W  up to $6 .50
A-Line >=11W  up to $8 .50
Decorative up to $5 .50
MR/PAR16  up to $10 .50
R/PAR20  up to $10  .50
BR/PAR30  up to $15  .50
PAR38  up to $18  .50
BR40 up to $18  .50
4 Pin <11W  up to $6 $1
4 Pin >=11W  up to $8 $1
2G11 Base Lamp (Type A) up to $10 $1
2G11 Base Lamp (Type B)  up to $10  $1 
T8 TLED 2ft (Type A/B/AB/C) up to $3  $1 
T8 TLED 3ft (Type A/B/AB/C) up to $4  $1 
T8 TLED 4ft (Type A/AB)
up to $5  $1
T8 TLED 4ft (Type B)  up to $5 $1
T8 TLED 4ft (Type C)  up to $5  $1
T8 TLED 8ft (Type A/AB)  up to $8 $1
T8 TLED 8ft (Type B)  up to $8  $1
T8 TLED 8ft (Type C)  up to $8  $1
T5 TLED 4ft (Type A/AB)
up to $5  $1
T5 TLED 4ft (Type B) up to $5 $1
T5 TLED 4ft (Type C)
up to $5 $1
T5HO TLED 4ft (Type A/AB) up to $5  $1
T5HO TLED 4ft (Type B) up to $5
T5HO TLED 4ft (Type C)  up to $5  $1
U-Bend TLED (Type A/AB) up to $5  $1
U-Bend TLED (Type B)  up to $5
U-Bend TLED (Type C) up to $5
Mogul High Bay  up to $70 $15
Mogul Low Bay  up to $50 $15
Mogul Ext 175W  up to $60 $15
Mogul Ext 250W  up to $70 $15
Mogul Ext 400W  up to $80 $15
Mogul Ext >400W  up to $120 $15 
1x4 LED Troffer  up to $10 $15
2x2 LED Troffer  up to $10 $15
2x4 LED Troffer  up to $25 $15
Exterior 100W Equiv.  up to $40 $20
Exterior 250W Equiv.  up to $60 $30
Exterior 400W Equiv.  up to $80 $50
High/Low Bay - 100W Equivalent  up to $25 $20
High/Low Bay - 250W Equivalent  up to $75 $30
High/Low Bay - 400W Equivalent   up to $125  $40 
High/Low Bay - >400W Equivalent up to $150 $50 

*Business Direct Install customers (facilities that use under an annual average of 110 kW per month) may not purchase tubular LED's, fixtures or mogul based lamps through this program if they have an application in the BDI program. 

How to Participate

Work with a participating distributor to select qualifying LEDs and the instant incentive will be applied at the time of purchase. All New York business customers located in the service territory are eligible to participate. All products must be installed within 45 days; spare lamps are not eligible for discounts. New construction projects and fixtures that are not listed above will go through the Commercial and Industrial Pathway. All purchases are subject to inspection.

Become a Participating Distributor

To be considered, you must:
  • Submit at least $5,000 in annual sales across eligible product categories
  • Purchase directly from a lighting manufacturer or be a lighting manufacturer making direct sales.

If you meet these qualifications, complete the enrollment form and email it to CLEAResult, a third-party program manager on behalf of Orange & Rockland.

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