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Gas Conversion FAQ

There are two main costs that can vary significantly:
  • Internal Conversion Cost — Covers the work within your property line, such as gas piping, equipment, and chimney-liner costs, which are your responsibility.
  • Capital Construction Cost — Covers the work outside your property line, including the cost to install gas service up to your property line. We’ll give you an estimate before any work is started.
How much you save depends on your building. You can estimate your savings by using our calculator.
No. You have the choice to buy gas from us or from an energy service company. Learn more about your options.

For gas delivery, we offer firm and interruptible rates.

Firm rates apply to gas service that will not be interrupted due to weather or other conditions. Our firm rates are established by our rate plan approved by the New York State Public Service Commission.

Interruptible rates are for customers who have both gas AND an alternate fuel supply (typically oil), who agree to stop using natural gas and use their alternative fuel when we ask.   

Interruptible rates may change from month to month and are posted at the end of the preceding month.

You can switch from firm to interruptible gas, though you may be required to pay additional capital costs.

If you have had firm service for less than five years before transferring to interruptible service, you may, at our discretion, be required to pay all or some of our costs to provide your firm service. You may also have to pay additional capital costs, to be determined when you request the change of service, regardless of how long you had firm gas service before deciding to switch.

Find an updated list, or call 1-845-783-5506, to learn more about available rebates and incentives for converting to natural gas. 

Rebates may also be available if you upgrade to high-efficiency equipment. Learn more about these rebates, or call 1-845-783-5506.

If you have firm gas service, you may be eligible for both gas conversion rebates and energy efficiency rebates. Restrictions may apply.

Preferred Point of Entry—If you would like your gas service to enter your home or building at a point different than the location we identify, you will be responsible for paying the incremental costs between our point of entry and your preferred one.  

Excess Distribution Facility—If you’re already a gas customer and you request a second service, you are required to pay the Excess Distribution Facility charge. This charge covers the cost and expense for installing and maintaining this service.

Bypass—At your request, we can establish a temporary connection to maintain gas pressure to the building until all of your gas loads have been transferred to the new service. A bypass costs $4,547 plus $403 in tax where applicable. You must sign a hold-harmless letter beforehand.

Security Deposit—We may require a security deposit before installing your gas meter and turning on your gas service. The deposit amount is based on an estimate of two months of your highest gas usage. We may accept alternatives, such as surety bonds and irrevocable bank letters of credit. Additional information about your costs will be included in your service determination.

Zero capital construction cost means that we will install the necessary gas service and/or gas main to your building's property line at no charge to you.  

To be eligible for a zero capital construction cost, you must:

  • Have only one gas service for the building's gas load
  • Select firm gas service
  • Use our identified point of entry
You still need to pay internal conversion costs, and other charges may still apply. Before you submit a gas service request, we recommend that you work with a licensed professional to assess your building's internal conversion costs.
Before you submit a gas service request, we recommend that you work with a licensed professional to assess your building's internal conversion costs. 

Once your costs have been assessed, we recommend you have a licensed professional submit a gas service request by visiting our Project Center to submit a gas service request. 

After your request is submitted, you will receive a case number. Log on to Project Center and enter your case number to access all updates and project milestones.

Some of our pipes provide only cooking gas, and they don’t carry enough gas to heat your home or business.

If you own a 1-4 family home, use our gas locator to see if the system in your neighborhood can support a gas conversion.

Then, submit a gas service request to find out what, if anything, it will cost to connect to our pipes.

We do not allow our employees or contractors to work under scaffolding because of safety concerns. If your building has scaffolding up, you will need to ask your licensed contractor to run service piping to extend past the scaffolding so the flags supporting the scaffolding footings are not disturbed.

If the street around your building was recently repaved, we recommend you wait at least 12 months before submitting a gas service request. We do not request street opening permits on newly paved streets because the cost of restoring these streets is too high.
You should maintain your heating source until your boiler inspection has been completed, or when your new gas meter has been installed. Removing it before that time could result in fines from your municipality for failure to provide continuous heat and hot water to tenants.

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