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Schedule for Electric Service

Sections 1–9 (PDF)

  • Title Page
  • Changes Made by This Supplement
  • Table of Contents
  • Territory to Which Tariff Applies
  • Abbreviations and Definitions
  • How to Obtain Service
  • Characteristics of Service
  • Service Connections
  • Wiring and Equipment


Sections 10–16 (PDF)

  • Metering and Billing
  • Limitations of Service Classifications
  • Liability
  • Termination of Service
  • Refusal or Discontinuance of Service to Non Residential Customers
  • Interruption and Discontinuance of Service to Residential Customers
  • Restoration of Service to Residential Customers


Sections 17–26 (PDF)

  • Underground Electric Service
  • Default Service
  • Emergency Load Control
  • Emergency Energy Conservation
  • Disputes; Termination Disputes; Informal and Formal Complaints for Residential Customers
  • Residential Building Energy Conservation Standards
  • Direct Access Procedure
  • Reserved for Future Use
  • System Benefits Charge
  • Standards of Competitive Conduct

Riders A and B

State Tax Adjustment Surcharge

Service Classifications

SC 1
SC 2
SC 3
SC 4
SC 5
SC 6

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