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A view of a computer screen displaying energy consumption use over time

Got Your Smart Meter?

Log in to your account to see your residential or commercial energy use.

With the My Account dashboard, you’ll have access to tools that will help you track your daily energy use. Manage costs and improve your bottom line by learning how you use energy and find ways to save.


Access information
See your energy use down to 15-minute increments to understand how much energy you’re using and when.

Analyze your usage
Compare hour to hour, weekday versus weekend, or day versus evening use to see where you can save.

Get high bill alerts
Receive a notification if you’re using more energy than usual.

Learn ways to save
Get tips and information about energy-saving products and services, then track your savings over time.

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Access Information

Download electric use in 5-minute increments.
View electric use in 15-minute increments.
View gas use in hourly increments.
View usage across multiple accounts

Analyze Usage

Compare energy use by hour, day, month or year.
See impact of weather with temperature overlay.

Find Ways to Save

Use data to maximize efficiency.
Get customized tips and information about energy-saving products and services.

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