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O&R at Orangetown PD's Open House to Discuss Smart Meter Benefits

Gives Customers More Electric Use Convenience, Choice and Control


O&R gave Orangetown residents and their neighbors a look Saturday at the company's plans to install smart electric meters and gas modules on every O&R electric service and gas service.


Those new safe, secure and reliable meters and modules are designed to provide O&R customers greater convenience, choice and control over their energy use.


"The smart meter wireless, two-way technology is proven and well accepted, with about 65 million smart meters already working across the nation," said O&R's Mike Pinto at the company's booth at Town Hall.


The smart meters are the game changer in electric service reliability because they can report the exact location of individual electric service outages to O&R. Now, O&R depends on customer calls to pinpoint the locations of outages.


The smart meters eliminate the need for a monthly meter read at customers' premises (and the associated costs for that activity). The new technology will reduce the number of estimated bills, and reduce the number of meter-reader vehicles, and their accompanying emissions, on the road.


The benefits go beyond power monitoring to provide individuals greater control over their energy consumption. Customers will be able to see where and why their consumption increases/decreases and can take action to reduce their bills.

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