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Storm Hardening and Emergency Response Improvements


We're more resilient. Since 2012, we have invested $60 million to reinforce our electrical infrastructure; and initiated a broad program to reduce damage and outages due to weather, respond and repair storm damage more quickly and communicate information about those efforts more accurately.

Learn more about our efforts and what you can do:


Our tree trimming helps keep the lights on. Learn how our comprehensive Tree Maintenance Program — planned and managed by our on-staff, certified arborists — redirects tree growth away from power lines, so we can limit any electric system incidents that could be caused by storms.

Energy Efficiency

Bring down your bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Since 2009, O&R has helped 22,000 customers who have invested in energy-saving equipment receive $22 million in rebates.

Learn how our energy-saving programs can help you save money by shifting your energy use to off-peak periods, or upgrading the efficiency of your home or business.

Smart Meters

Smart Meters are here! We began installing Smart Meters in Rockland County this summer, with plans to complete installations throughout our New York service area by 2020. Learn how Smart Meters will empower our customers with control to manage costs, make greener choices and experience more convenience.

Little Tor Substation

Building for today’s needs. O&R plans to invest approximately $20.5 million to build a new electric substation at the southwestern corner of South Mountain Road and Little Tor Road in New City to address potentially serious electric service reliability issues there. Sustaining reliable electric service in the community is the primary goal of this proposed substation.

Learn more about O&R substations:

Eruv Attachments

We know there are questions about eruv. — For decades — since the early cable television days — federal and state laws have required that we allow third party attachments on our utility poles. Learn more about how we apply our Pole Attachment Policy consistently among all customers in compliance with federal and state regulations.

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