Customer Bill Reductions for Storm Outages

In addition to offering reimbursements for food and medicine spoilage to customers without power for three consecutive days or more during the nor'easters on March 2 and March 7, O&R said today those customers also will receive an adjustment to their bill that will reflect a one-time reduction to their monthly customer delivery charge.

Customers will receive this credit on their bill by the end of May.


Residential customers will receive a credit on average of about $3.50 to the customer charge of $20.00 depending on the length of the outage. For small and medium business customers, the adjustment will be on average about $3.80 to the customer charge of $18.00 to $35.00. Larger commercial customers will receive similar credits based on their service classification.


The reductions in the monthly delivery charge are in addition to reimbursements O&R announced March 15 for food and prescription medicine spoilage if customers lost power for three consecutive days. Those reimbursements for eligible residential customers amount to $225 without receipts, or up to $515 with receipts. Business owners are eligible for food spoilage reimbursements up to $10,200 with receipts.


Those seeking to file for reimbursements for spoilage can locate a reimbursement form here.