What’s Yours? What’s Ours? Steps to Take if You Need to Repair Your Electrical Equipment

Destructive back-to-back nor’easters knocked out electric service to about 140,000 customers across O&R’s service territory. Severe weather of this magnitude can cause damage to your electric equipment, not just our poles and power lines. In these cases, our crews cannot restore your service until a licensed electrician makes repairs to the equipment that’s your responsibility.

You’ll need to know what repair steps must be taken, as well as what equipment is yours and what equipment is ours. The drawing below helps determine whether the customer or O&R is responsible for repair of damaged equipment. The equipment that is your responsibility and must be repaired by a licensed electrician is highlighted in black.

The electrical repairs also will need to be approved by an authorized inspector in your municipality. Once we’re notified by the inspector that the repairs passed inspection, we can restore your power.