Keep Gas Service Safe; Clear Away Snow and Ice After the Snow

For safety’s sake, O&R reminds customers to take an extra minute to clear snow and ice away from the equipment that delivers natural gas to their homes and businesses.

Nearly all O&R customers who had their power knocked out by Friday’s destructive nor’easter are expected to be restored to service by midnight Sunday night.

Carefully clearing snow and ice away from the natural gas regulator, meter and any outdoor vents associated with gas equipment will help ensure safe delivery of natural gas. If possible, it’s best to use a broom instead of a shovel to minimize the chance of damaging the piping.

If the outside equipment that regulates natural gas flow into buildings becomes clogged with snow or caked with ice, the effectiveness of that equipment could be impaired and cause serious consequences.

Snow removal and snow dumping operations close to natural gas equipment can also increase the risk of damage. O&R urges snow removal operators to dump and pile plowed snow away from O&R natural gas equipment.

If you smell natural gas, leave the area immediately. From a safe location, call O&R’s Gas Emergency Hotline 1-800-533-5325. It’s also critical to immediately contact O&R if you suspect that any natural gas equipment has been damaged, or that a natural gas appliance is malfunctioning.

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