O&R, Clarkstown Complete Streetlight Sale

O&R and the Town of Clarkstown today completed the town’s purchase of 3,912 overhead streetlights from O&R at a cost of $658,585.

The sale, which becomes effective, Saturday, October 29, includes the actual streetlight fixtures and bulbs. The sale does not include the utility poles on which they are installed. Those remain the property and responsibility of O&R. The sale also does not include approximately 1,570 streetlights in Clarkstown that are energized by O&R’s underground distribution system.

As a result of today’s closing, Clarkstown, on October 29, will become solely responsible for the installation, operation, maintenance, repair, replacement, removal, modification, inspection and condition of all the streetlights covered by this agreement.

To see if the streetlights on your street are managed by Clarkstown on October 29 and thereafter, please click on this link to view the list of Clarkstown-owned streetlight locations.

If your street is on this list, and you wish to request a streetlight repair or request a new light, please call the Clarkstown Highway Department at (845) 623-7500.

If your street is not on this list, your streetlight is owned by O&R.  If you wish to request a streetlight repair or request a new light, please call O&R at 1-877-434-4100.

Clarkstown is the most heavily populated town in Rockland County and the first in O&R’s service territory to purchase its streetlights. This sale was approved by the New York State Public Service Commission on November 25, 2015. O&R will continue to supply electricity to the Clarkstown-owned streetlights.

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